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One of the greatest gifts of God showered upon the Baptist Church of Mizoram through the Baptist Missionary Society (BMS) was the beginning of Thalai Kristian Pawl (TKP) or Christian Youth Fellowship, from which was Youth Ministry originated. After the Churches were firmly established throughout Mizoram, the BMS Missionaries and the Church leaders soon felt the need for the establishment of TKP, so that youth of those times would serve the Lord in ways that are more meaningful.

From the year 1936 to 1950, special services for youths were organised in different parts of Mizoram. At The BCM Headquarters, Serkawn, Rev R.F. Tucker took up the leadership role and used to organize such services at his own Quarters. Such gatherings created the need for a well-organised system of Youth Ministry and therefore discussed it in their committee meetings. On the 16th July 1951, BMS Missionaries and other Church leaders had had a committee meeting and the meeting resolved to establish a Youth Ministry at Serkawn. The members who attended the meeting include :- 1)          Rev F.J. Raper 2)         Rev H.W. Carter 3)         Miss E.M. Chapman 4)         Miss E.M. Oliver 5)         Rev Challiana 6)         Rev H.S. Luaia 7)          Rev Chuautera 8)         Mr. Lalmama 9)         Mr. C. Saizawna 10)      Mr. Laikunga

To implement the resolution of the meeting, on 30th July 1951, at 7:00 in the evening, many youths gathered together and formed the Youth Ministry called THALAI KRISTIAN PAWL (TKP) and the name TKP was first proposed by Mrs. F.J. Raper, one of the BMS Missionaries. The meeting elected the first leaders of TKP who were as follows:-

President                  : Mr. Lungruala Vice President          : Mr. Vanlalkunga General Secretary     : Mr. K. Lalliana Treasurer                  : Mr. T. Ropianga Senior Advisers         : 1) Rev H.S. Luaia 2) Mr. C. Saizawna 3) Mr. Lalmama 4) Mrs. F.J. Raper

Executive Committee Members:    

1) Miss Rothuami 2) Mr. Lalsawma 3) Mr. Thanghnuna 4) Mr. Hrangthanga 5) Mr. Remkunga Since the establishment of TKP, the Youth Ministry in Mizoram has been developing immensely till date. Moreover, TKP is now one of the most useful instruments of the Churches in Mizoram.

Growth and Development: The establishment of TKP in 1951 was recognised in 1952 by the Presbytery (now called the Assembly). It also allowed for the existence of a Pastorate level TKP. The Constitution/Rules of TKP, which was already accepted by a committee meeting of Serkawn Church leaders, were also accepted by it. In this constitution was included a proper organisational set up of TKP. There are three levels, interlinked with one another: 1) Unit TKP                - Unit or local level 2) Bial TKP                - Pastorate level 3) Mizoram TKP        - Covering the whole of Mizoram

 Youth Ministry was established with clear-cut aims and objectives. The main reasons for its existence were-

1) To help the youths to become good Christians. 2) To train the youths to work for Christ and the Church. 3) To encourage and guide the youths to be useful for the society. 4) To help them participate in the extension of God’s kingdom.

The Youth Ministry also has a pledge –

FOR CHRIST AND THE CHURCH... With full faith in my strength, Jesus Christ. I shall have fellowship with God everyday. I shall always participate in our Church worship services and all its activities. I shall work for the welfare of the society and for the strengthening of its unity, I shall earnestly try to bring others to Christ.

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